About Us

Who We Are

TRUTH is a sustainable brand that is dedicated to bringing unique pieces of everyday clothing to customers, YOU! We are a Qatari Brand that not only cares for the environment but also for the people in it. Dedicated to our ethics and striving to impact not just our immediate sphere but every space our tentacles can reach - one activewear at a time.

We seek to build a community of people who care about true quality, sustainability and are ready to develop a collection of stylish activewear with a conscience. The world we live in today is hurting on so many levels, the pain never ends, and the rage never ceases. But in our own way, we seek to calm the storm in our world, in your world. Our Eco & Skin-Friendly collection of wears is not just a message or a collection, it’s a lifestyle. One that spreads hope and establishes the truth for a conscious style. We are a brand focused on affecting the planet positively where it meets us, to further the creation of a better tomorrow.

Why Us

In today’s world of fast fashion, TRUTH is meticulously developing easy, everyday activewear that is bound by ethics and sustainability, whilst still focusing on being super stylish. Truth clothing is for the woman who is not afraid to dare, a woman of power, unafraid of showing off her truth and her lifestyle.

To create a better tomorrow, we all have a role to play. We have simply taken our place at the fashion table and one ‘Truth’ at a time we will affect our sphere. Our pieces are created with strict adherence to ethics, to bring eco-friendly, body-friendly stylish wear to the forefront.

Every Truth piece that gets delivered to you leaves with a purpose, $3 from every sale is donated to charity. Where our physical hands can’t reach, the sale of one Truth outfit will.

We are dedicated to pushing for change, expression, and equality. Our mission is to bring you the best for less without compromising on value and quality. Stylish, elegant, yet simple unique clothing that makes a loud statement. At Truth, women of all sizes and shapes have a place, there is a piece made for everyone. We are the embodiment of what it means to be truly customer-centric because we will always put YOU first. We are a brand for the unafraid, the free, and the beautifully eccentric. Together we can make a difference in our world.

That’s the TRUTH!